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Michael Tölzer Selbstportrait

I was born and raised during the last days of Soviet occupation in Cottbus, Germany and have been living and working in Berlin since 2008. Visual arts have always been extremely fascinating to me so I decided to study film to become a camera operator. During these studies my childhood love for photography was reignited and soon after I found myself straying away from wanting to create moving images to follow my dream to be a photographer.

Aside from using latest camera technology I love to work with 35mm film to give my photographs a more filmic and unfiltered look. Working with film also slows down the creative process and forces me to be an even more present and conscious photographer. A selection of vintage optics and special lens filters help me to realize my creative visions and will give your portraits a unique look.

Get in touch for a booking inquiry or an individual offer:

+49 176 6819 9794

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